OUT OF STOCK Tobacco Leaf Shredder "0.8mm" (5/128") Stainless Steel Combs. £27 Free P&P UK.

OUT OF STOCK!Please check my ebay for alternatives

·        fed up of trying to cut your  tobacco leaf (from TL4U £1.50 for 50g!) with scissors or pasta machines?

·        Don’t want to splash out £150+ on a Gabej or a Teck (*drools*)?

·        Want a fine cut to roll and tube cos , let's be honest, the 1mm cut is a pain to hand roll?

·        Don’t want the bother of having to compress the leaf into a brick first before cutting?

·        Want a simple, fast, solid, reliable and AFFORDABLE way of shredding?
(when I say 'solid' I mean it! The shredder weighs over 1lb!)

 ONLY £27 -save £5 (incl.P&P) on my ebay price! FREE P&P 1st Class, UK mainland  only
 EU/International buyers please email me for shipping costs and be aware 1. that the postage charges are not exact and I will, and have and will continue to, refund any excess charged as soon as I have dispatched and should the postage be more than you paid then that's my loss! 2.You are liable for any Customs/Duty charges, I will NOT make a false declaration and say that it is a 'gift'! 
US BUYERS. Please note, this shredder will give you tobacco strips of around 5/128",  width depending on variety of leaf and moisture. If you are wanting a Super Fine cut like Drum then this machine will not do it. AFAIK you will need a 'cutter' machine as opposed to a shredder if you want Super Fine tobacco.


Imported direct from the EU-manufacturer , in stock here in the UK and offered for an astoundingly low price (others  charge a tenner more), this shredder will make short work of your tobacco leaves (REMOVE THE STEM BEFORE SHREDDING!). It will give you a beautiful fine cut, perfect for both tubing and rolling. This is the newer 0.8mm cut model NOT the older 1mm. It comes with stainless steel combs installed. This shredder is perfect for home use and will give you years of service as long as you treat it with a little care. NEVER shred tobacco that is too wet nor try shredding several layers at once. Feed in a single 1/4 leaf (ie deribbed leaf) at a time and you'll be surprised how quick and effortless you can process a kilo of best tobacco leaf.


. PS the shredded leaf in the photos is NOT included !
If you're looking for tobacco leaf then try tobaccoleaf4u.com -good quality and a great price (£1.50 for 50g!!!)
TO PURCHASE THIS SHREDDER VIA PAYPAL, CLICK THE BUTTON top righthand. To order using cheque/PO/conchie shells/rabbit pelts/ weapons grade plutonium/BACS/IBAN or barter then email me