Caring For And Cleaning Your 0.8mm Shredder

These shredders are very solidly and simply built, using technology that has been around since the Saxons built water mills. One customer  described the build quality as ' like a soviet panzer'. They require almost no maintenance beyond keeping clean and the occasional greasing (I use Food Grade Silicon Grease).

If you shred leaf that is the right 'case' (ie neither too wet nor too dry) then they are pretty much self-cleaning. But , hand on heart, if you are shredding a kilo then the chances are that some of the leaves will be a little too wet in places. Uniformly drying leaves is almost impossible for home users.

At some point you WILL end up with a shredder looking like this :
 Here are 3 ways to clean them.

My personal favourite method is to reset the combs and then let it clean itself. How do you reset the combs? Simples. Turn the shredder over and using a small screwdriver press down on the comb tooth of the gunked up channel. If you can press it down onto a clean spot of the channel that is best. Once the comb is reset then you turn the handle and the comb will 'chisel' up the crap. A small steel/brass brush will clean the cutting teeth.

I like to let the gummed up shredder dry before cleaning cos wet tobacco sticks like buggery.

Method 2

The Water Method

 Let the shredder dry then remove the plastic cog housing on the side opposite the handle. Two small cross head screws. Then plunge the shredder into a bowl of HOT water and  scrub using a small wire brush. Fully submerged keep turning the handle etc . You can add a little washing up liquid to the water but make sure you rinse well after.

Once you have scrubbed your shredder clean then roughly dry it- I use a cheap microfibre cloth and by shaking it. Then put it on top of a HOT radiator OVERNIGHT to  dry (taking care that the plastic handle don't get too hot). Once it is bone dry then apply a smear of grease to the cogs and screw the cover back into place.

If, after replacing the cog cover you then take the time to reset the combs (see method1) then you'll have a shredder that is ready for the next kilo.

Method 3

Doktor Leg Iron's Patented Cleaning Process

The blogger "Leg Iron" (who is not only an author of real, proper, dead tree format books but also holds a Doctorate in microbiology) has discovered that Poundland (other Discounters are available) sell "Home Dentistry" kits - a pick and an angled mirror. He says that the dentist's pick does a good job of cleaning out gunked up channels.I haven't tried this method myself but if Leg Iron says it works then it is worth taking his advice. He also says Poundland do a very hard toothbrush cheap that will scrub the paint off your car and takes the gummed up tobacco out of the cutting teeth well.

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